Calm Your Mind and Soothe Your Soul

Kundalini Yoga and Triple Gong Bath

The age of Aquarius is demanding a shift in consciousness. With the continuously expanding information overload, we are faced with an overwhelming amount of processing! In the 60's Yogi Bhajan predicted that the evolution of technology would be so epic that it would overwhelm and saturate the human mind dramatically increasing the number of mental health issues.

He anticipated there would be a desperate need for an antidote to this chaos. A reliable remedy that would allow the human spirit to remain balanced and excel in the ever evolving 21st century. Against all odds he broke the rules to teach the western world kundalini yoga so in years to come we would have the power to heal ourselves and the strength to keep body, mind and soul together with the challenges of modern day living.

He gave us many valuable meditation tools that he called 'lullabies for the soul' that we could keep in our 'stress back packs' to be used to eliminate mental tension and anxiety. In this workshop Kwali will lead us through a selection of these profound meditations followed by a luxurious triple gong bath.

  • Saturday 31st August 2019
  • 14:30 - 17:30
  • Kwali Kumara
  • £35New Energy Fitness members save £5