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Pockets ofCalm

Our wonderful teacher Jamie John shares how Yin Yoga can help you find calmness and stillness.

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20th March 2020 by Dani Jones

Why Yoga is Essential for Mums

With Mother's Day coming up we wanted to share the physical and mental benefits of Yoga for new Mums written by Dani Jones.

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18th March 2020 by Charlie Smith

Finding Courage in Uncertain Times

Charlie Smith sheds some light on how to maintain a positive outlook and how Yoga can help relieve anxiety and uncertainty.

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16th March 2020

Coronavirus Update

We wanted to reassure you as to the steps New Energy Yoga is taking in light of the current Coronavirus outbreak.

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11th March 2020 by Jade Coles

Mandala into March with me

Find out what persuaded Jade to learn Mandala Yoga and why you should give it a try this March!

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In Your Words

I enjoyed the contemporary vibe of the studio and Jo's fun, dynamic and challenging class. Her personality and experience were evident throughout which created a sense of connection.
I really enjoyed my first New Energy experience. The guy on reception was super friendly and showed me around, told me where to wait and how to find the class etc, so I felt comfortable immediately.
Natalie's class was fantastic as ever this morning. She is an awesome yoga teacher, an absolute joy. More please!

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