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The Fifth Season

Discovering the change of seasons with Hannah Fletcher.

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28th August 2020 by Daphne Bath

What is Yin Yoga?

If you have been doing yoga for a while, you might discover that you have been experiencing only one half of the practice...

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22nd August 2020 by Dani Jones

Yoga in an Uncertain World

It's more important now than ever to keep up the momentum of our Yoga practice; to keep us calm in these ever-changing times and able to handle what life throws at us successfully.

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20th July 2020

Reopening Guidelines

Our main priority upon reopening is the safety of our staff and students. We have put together a guide of new regulations which will be implemented on our reopening.

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16th June 2020 by Hannah Fletcher

Midsummer, Our Solstice of Yang Energy

This day has been the literal high-light of the year since the dawn of humankind. Our oldest and most awe-inspiring creations are made to honour the sun.

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In Your Words

I enjoyed the contemporary vibe of the studio and Jo's fun, dynamic and challenging class. Her personality and experience were evident throughout which created a sense of connection.
The class was excellent. Lovely atmosphere with lighting, music and oils. Really liked the teacher. Equipment and room lovely and clean. Will definitely sign up for more!
Natalie's class was fantastic as ever this morning. She is an awesome yoga teacher, an absolute joy. More please!