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The Wisdom in the Learning

There is much to be learned by the physical practice of asana, and some may wish to stay in the purely physical realm, however we can find both knowledge and wisdom between the pages of books..

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22nd February 2021 by Matt Cresswell

Ditch the Desk

You may feel too busy or time-pressured to take an hour out to do a full Yoga class in your day, but what if you broke it down into doing just 5 minutes of a class every hour - would that feel more achievable?

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14th February 2021 by Daphne Bath

Trouble Sleeping? Yoga Can Help

Yoga can help in calming the nervous system down, by practices such as restorative yoga, yin yoga, along with breathing techniques to calm the mind.

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25th January 2021 by Emma Tellett

The Key to Immunity

I am a naturopathic nutritional therapist and I want to share with you some tips to optimise your immune system.

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16th January 2021 by Daphne Bath

Give Yourself a Hug!

January 21st is National Hugging Day, an annual event dedicated to hugging.

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