Stacey Jones

When I started my yoga journey, I was not fit, flexible... nor particularly spiritual. Yet this incredible practice has enabled me to grow into my body and mind. Yoga taught me to admire and respect my body for the amazing things it can do. It has shown me my inner strength, perseverance and gratitude. I truly believe the transformative nature of yoga can benefit everyone - I'm so honoured to share it through my teaching!

Stacey has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and teaching since 2012. She trained in Mysore, India: the home of Ashtanga Yoga. Her personal practice and teaching have evolved over the years to a strong, fluid style of yoga that builds strength and flexibility in equal measure. You will work your body, challenge your mind and play with your own 'edge', guided by the breath throughout. This strong physical practice will leave you feeling worked and ready for a blissful relaxation.

Stacey also teaches delicious Yin Yoga classes which are the polar opposite of her flow classes. Yin involves long holds, approached in a passive way; thus allowing the body to open in its own time. These two styles complement each other perfectly and help create balance.