Natalie Allen

My yoga journey first began over 4 years ago, whilst I was travelling through India; the birth place of yoga, i was curious to find out what the fuss was all about.

Exercise had always been a big part of my life, however nothing had me hooked like yoga, from the positive effects it had on both my mind and body on and off the mat.

I then dived deeper into my yoga practice and i started noticing small changes within myself... how yoga made me feel, how my perspective changed towards situations and how it set me up to make the most of my day ahead.

At any tough stage i noticed how i would always turn to yoga for clarity, it was then i realised i wanted to learn more in order to share and help others experience the benefits and blissfulness of yoga as well.

I recently went back to India to complete my 200 hour Yoga alliance through Vinyasa Yoga Foundation.

My love for yoga continues to grow, I am passionate about creating positive, lasting experiences and helping others to accept where they are in their practice in order to bring their inner self to the surface and glow.

Yoga really is for everyone.



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