Daphne Bath

Daphne has been trained by the British Wheel of Yoga 500 hours. She has worked at Wessex Cancer on a one to one basis and is a Qualified Yoga Therapist 1,500 hours. CNHC Yoga Therapy Diploma.

Her classes are a flow style class focusing on the breath and awareness of the body alignment. The classes are suitable for all abilities including beginners as Daphne offers many options and modifications.

Yoga is for everyone...!!! Daphne has a passion for Yoga and believes in, and has witnessed, the amazing benefits not only for the body but also for the mind and spirit.

In her Yoga class she asks you to listen to your body and only do what feels good for you. She actively encourages you to have a break if you need it, or alternatively go deeper into the posture with full awareness.

Your body may be stiff when you begin, but with regular practice, it will become free and supple . The goal of Yoga, however is not increased flexibility. This achievement can be seen as merely a stepping- stone along your path to being at peace with yourself.


yin hatha restorative