Dani Jones

What does Yoga mean to you?

To me, Yoga is a moving meditation; a practice that helps me find balance when otherwise I would have none, both on and off the mat. It is a way of life - becoming present to enable you to experience the joys that life brings, and to challenge you to observe any areas of resistance before responding. It helped me balance the stresses of everyday life and the strains of being a new working Mummy, and has helped me grow stronger, more flexible, focused and has inspired me to be more mindful in every area of my life.


How would you describe your style of Yoga?

My classes are based on the Ashtanga Lineage and combine creative sequencing with dynamic flows and a dose of mindfulness to help deepen your practice. We will remain in poses for 3 - 5 breaths to allow students to embody the pose, correct alignment and relax deeper into the pose with each breath. My classes are suitable for all levels as I guide you through variations to make postures more accessible for beginners, as well as challenging more experienced students. With a particular focus on alignment and the breath, I endeavour to help you nurture your body, mind and soul through yoga; allowing you to step off the mat feeling refreshed and balanced.


What is your favourite Yoga pose and why?

I absolutely love being upside down, so Sirsasana (headstand) and Pincha (forearm balance) are my favourites. I love capturing the world from a different angle, as well as challenging myself and balance. I always feel so refreshed after an inversion and my energy levels lift.


An interesting/quirky fact about yourself and your experience?

I spent 21 years training as a classical Ballet Dancer with the Royal Academy of Dance, as well as being trained in Circus Skills - I can stilt walk and firebreathe!


A quote that means something to you?

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade" - this quote always reminds me to find the silver lining or the positives in the harder times of life.