Self Love and Heart Healing

Saturday 15th February 2020

with Kwali Kumara

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During this month of Aquarius it’s an optimum time to work on expanding our heart chakras and opening ourselves to the universal fountain of unconditional love and compassion for ourselves and each other.

My offering this month will both be focused on the heart chakra and healing ourselves by strengthening the electromagnetic field.

I feel sure your anahata chakra will feel very greatful for this act of self-love in the month that is designated to the heart centre courtesy of St Valentine.

Join me and your yogi soul family to stoke your internal fire and warm your heart in these chilly winter winds.

The ceremony will be a deliciously deep three hour session, with lots of room to spread our Aquarian wings and enjoy a lengthy triple gong and sacred sound ceremony.

Key Details

  • This workshop will take place on Saturday 15th February 2020.
  • It will start at 2:30pm and finish at approximately 5:30pm.
  • Your teacher is Kwali Kumara.
  • It is priced at £35 per person .