Mindful Connection

Increase your levels of happiness, through mindful connection to your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

During this workshop we explore the mind-body connection and how your thoughts either move you closer to happiness or unhappiness.

We explore the body through breath-work and pressure points, noticing where you feel tension and learning how to release it.

This practice teaches you how to identify ‘cognitive dissonance’ (a major cause of depression and anxiety) and will give clear and simple guidance on how to overcome it using mindfulness, movement and breath-work.

Guided meditation during the workshop will pose questions such as ‘Does what I think and feel on the inside match up with how I act on the outside?’ Through these contemplations you’ll understand yourself better, becoming clearer about how to increase your levels of happiness.

You’ll also learn how to make more meaningful connections with friends, family, colleagues and the community by mindfully connecting your thoughts and feelings with the actions you take.

  • Saturday 18th January 2020
  • 15:00 - 17:00
  • Charlotte Austin
  • £25New Energy Fitness members save £5