Down the Rabbit Hole Yin and Violin

Sunday 22nd December 2019

with Jamie John

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Tumble down the Rabbit hole, sensory delirium fuelled by how you want to feel. Step into the room; different. Warm, safe, dappled by candlelight. Arrive peacefully to the haunting sounds of the violin...

Be like water- still, formless. Tumble deeper into your yoga with the soft cry of bow against strings.

Whisps of incense snake across your sky as beautiful sound vibrations cocoon the space and stir your thoughts.

Jamie’s Yin yoga sequences take you gently from evening into night. Leave your busy world behind and close your eyes as you float inside the mind with the sounds of Charlie’s violin.

Key Details

  • This workshop will take place on Sunday 22nd December 2019.
  • It will start at 6pm and finish at approximately 8pm.
  • Your teacher is Jamie John.
  • It is priced at £30 per person .