Midwinter Solstice Yin

Merry Yule! Time for a celebration of the Midwinter Solstice with reflective Yin and a splash of energising Yang.

The Longest Night asks us to deeply nourish ourselves and look towards the return of the sun and longer days.

We will engage with Yin poses that take us on a journey through the seasons, stimulating the meridians of the body with focus on the Kidney meridian, the home of our Qi energy.

The dark days of winter combined with the overindulgences of the festive season can leave us feeling a bit flat so we will stir up the internal fires with a sprinkle of Yang poses.

These dark nights are perfect for candle-gazing practice, using an external focus to help us engage within ourselves. With this being the pinnacle of the year, it is ideal for setting intentions to carry us through into the New Year and beyond.

Join Hannah for two hours of rich, soul stirring practice with Mulled Cider Tea courtesy of Bird & Blend Tea Co, candlelight and midwinter magic!

  • Saturday 21st December 2019
  • 18:00 - 20:00
  • Hannah Fletcher
  • £30New Energy Fitness members save £5