Yoga Clinic: Chaturanga

Nailing your Chaturanga!

These clinic style masterclasses will break down some of those daunting or hard to attain postures and give you classroom anatomy knowledge.

Learning about your individual bodies and practicing in your own time; these workshops will give you the ability to safely try the Asanas at home and in your favourite classes with confidence.

  • Jump, step, float or fly? Practice the press-up without shoulder pain.
  • You will leave this clinic with strong triceps and a strong understanding of the how? why? And the when not to.
  • Chest and arm strengthening yoga class.
  • Safe and slow pace to practice Chaturanga with individual guidance.
  • Sunday 8th September 2019
  • 15:00 - 17:00
  • Jamie John
  • £30New Energy Fitness members save £5