Down the Rabbit Hole

Tumble down the Rabbit hole, sensory delirium fuelled by the way you want to feel. Step into the room; warm, safe, dappled by candle light. Arrive on your mat and bathe peacefully in your surroundings. Be like water- still, formless.

In the distance the sound of gently trickling water, hum of a gong. Divine bird calls and wisps of incense snake through your sky. A delight of human senses and mindful rejuvenation.

Yin sequences take you from evening to night. Leave your busy world behind and step into Restorative Yoga, where your body is a landscape made in the mind. Welcome to the Rabbit hole- two hours of uninterrupted yoga relaxation.

  • Sunday 8th September 2019
  • 18:00 - 20:00
  • Jamie John
  • £25New Energy Fitness members save £5