The Poetics of Vinyasa: Advancing with Grace

If asana were words, vinyasa is poetry. Join David in appreciating the journeying aspect of vinyasa from the dynamic to the restorative calm.

As if a dance with and against gravity, discover how we can explore the spectrum of ‘surrender’ and ‘resistance’ both between and within asanas to our desired scales of expression.

By tracing the natural lines and architecture of our individual bodies, we will honour the organic unfolding of movements through space. Cultivating efficiency, fluidity and ultimately presence in practice. Open to curious movers of all levels with an open mind.


David Kam is a movement artist, a spaceholder and placemaker whose passion is to simply encourage others to get back into their bodies amidst the global stream of wellness and mindfulness movements. Over the years, his curiosity has guided him through a wonderfully non-linear journey comprising a degree in architecture from the University of Sheffield, professional dance training at Trinity Laban and 500 hours of yoga teacher training with well-respected teachers including Naomi Absalom and Michael James Wong.

Inspired by the multicultural hub he grew up in, the cheerful Malaysian threads his many strands of expertise to craft a creative, interdisciplinary practice which focuses on honouring the body, celebrating the boundless possibilities of movement as a physical anchor to consider how we can truly embody mindful living. David actively shares his ever evolving practice with warmth and sincerity to communities both in London and abroad, empowering others to rediscover their inner athletic artists.

  • Saturday 29th June 2019
  • 14:30 - 17:30
  • David Kam
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