Yoga for Runners

This workshop won’t reinvent the wheel of fancy ways to stretch your calves and quads – we’ve all seen these, tried them and know the score. This is about how yoga can help you train holistically; developing awareness of body and mind in order to expand your limits whilst training struggle-free. Learn how using the breath to make physiological connections can give you psychological support whilst training and competing, and why mind training and relaxation is as important as the physical stuff!

Taught by Forrest Yoga Guardian in Training and Long distance runner Rosalind Southward, this workshop will use a sequence focused on core, hips and legs to develop greater muscular awareness that will help you to train smarter in order to prevent injuries and heal faster. The workshop will also include breathwork, meditation/visualisation techniques and finish with a guided relaxation to reset and restore. An opportunity to learn Rosalind’s special pre and post-run recovery tricks!

This workshop is suitable for all levels of runners and Yogis. Whether you are a marathon runner or a couch to 5k, a long term Yogi or new to the mat, Rosalind looks forward to connecting with you to share her two big passions: Yoga and Running!


Rosalind has been an active sportswoman for the majority of her adult life. She was originally a rower, competing at Women’s Henley, transitioning into long distance running in her mid twenties competing at 10K and half marathon distances. Rosalind now combines her love for running, passion for yoga and fascination with biomechanics to create yoga practices to support runners and athletes. A strong believer in the power of the breath to create space in body and mind; as an athlete Rosalind is fascinated in how this, along with mindfulness tools, supports her during running training racing and life! Her mantra is “which bit of this can I do?” which she uses to inspire her students to explore their capacity to develop their own potential both on and off the mat.

  • Saturday 8th June 2019
  • 14:30 - 17:00
  • Rosalind Southward
  • £35New Energy Fitness members save £5