Kundalini Yoga and Sound Ceremony

November is the month of deep and mysterious Scorpio. A time for negative emotions buried in the subconscious to surface and be healed. This is the month of renewal where that which no longer serves us must be dissolved in the flames of transformation to allow for new life to occur. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes we all have the opportunity for rebirth if we allow ourself to accept our darker side as a beautiful shadow that exists only because of the light.

This workshop will delve deep into the unconscious to pull out the self sabotaging thoughts and feelings lurking in the depths of the mind. Giving us fresh energy to tread lightly on our path with a renewed sense of self love and forgiveness.

Join Kwali for a series of kriyas designed to bust through the winter blues and get you all charged up for a fabulous Yule! This awesome workshop is open to all levels and promises to be a very nourishing lesson in the moment. Experience culminating in a sacred sound healing ceremony only with the gong and crystal singing bowls.

  • Saturday 10th November 2018
  • 13:30 - 16:30
  • Kwali Kumara
  • £35New Energy Fitness members save £5