Cleanse 101

The 12 Day Plan to Heal Your Body and Re-Energise Your Mind

Mind Body Cleanse (Physical practice) to promote good gut and metabolic health. Juicing/smoothie demonstration for improved immunity and good skin. Talk: exploring the role of systematic cleansing and fasting to promote health and longevity.

Be prepared to engage in a physical practice, with twists to stimulate digestion and peristalis, backbends for bioelectric network stimulation, and inversions for lymphatic drainage.

Participate in a seasonal juice tasting session, using fresh ingredients and become an expert in juicing for detoxification. Chris James will explore simple and practical ways to attain a robust mind and body through safe and structured cleansing.

  • Saturday 27th October 2018
  • 13:00 - 16:30
  • Chris James
  • £35New Energy Fitness members save £5