Lava Flow Hot Yoga

It’s going to be hot. 30° and you’ll be working it. So be prepared to sweat! The heat will warm up your muscles and create more flexibility.

The class will be a strong vinyasa flow, so you need to know your basic poses.

You must bring a hot yoga towel with you or purchase one from us. To be clear you can’t just grab one from the bathroom. Hot yoga towels are specifically designed to fit the mat and have a rubber grip base to stop it sliding. You will not be allowed to join the class without one.

Please bring a large bottle of water, with a non-spill cap. And some people like to bring a small face cloth. Come to class with an empty stomach but not hungry, ie don’t eat anything heavy 2 hrs before. You can wear what you normally wear for yoga but obviously you won’t want layers. And socks are a no no.


Please be aware that you will be required to bring a yoga mat towel to this class. We do not have any to lend out but we do have them available to buy, prices start from £24.