Iyengar yoga is characterised by precision and alignment in the execution of the postures (asanas); sequencing of the asanas; timing in the length of time the asanas are held for maximum benefit; and the use of props, if required, to help students in their quest for postural alignment and body awareness.

The class is designed to support you in learning and practising the fundamentals of how to adjust and align the body.

Iyengar Gently is great for beginners and stiffer students or those recovering from injury or illness. Iyengar Luncthime is an all levels class and Iyengar Intermediate is for those students who want to take a more indepth, detailed study into asana so is great for more experienced students, teachers and trainees.


Best for: Everyone. Especially if you enjoy a slow-paced and precise practice and want to focus on the elements which make up a sequence of asanas.